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The Bachelor: Episode 1 Recap

The Bachelor Episode 3 Recap

The last time we saw Sarah, she was crouching down and telling a producer she felt like she was going to faint. After consulting with a medic, Sarah and Matt go for some fresh air – in the middle of the rose ceremony.

The Bachelor Episode 2 Recap

We open with a cliffhanger – one of the ladies bows out of the rose ceremony and claims she is about to pass out. The other ladies clutch their pearls in awe. I couldn’t tell you who this woman is because there were at least 45 in the last episode, but I know for sure it’s not Queen Vic.

The Bachelor: Episode 1 Recap

My feelings on the Bachelor franchise have certainly changed since 2003, but I am also very curious to see what all the fuss is (still) about, and why people are tuning in after 41 seasons.